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Through A Highly Profitable But Little Known Side Income Opportunity...

That Has Made Over 100 Nigerians 5 Figure Dollar Earners, Faster Than They Ever Thought Was Possible.

In just a moment, I'll tell you how to tap into this lucrative income opportunity

But first, let me go straight to the point.

If you’ll like to start earning side Income in USD, 

Or you have ever wished to have a huge dollar income stream that helps you live above the economy…

…and easily take care of all your money problems.

Then this may be the most exciting information you read today.

Here’s why…

I used to be a custodian of the word – “Broke”,

I have been at a very low point in my life financially and I can tell you that I know First Hand what…


..it feels like to struggle Financially.


How it feels like to rely on your Salary that vanishes before the next mid month.


This was my fate 5 years ago when I lost more than N 9Million to a Solid Mineral Consignment due to a Nationwide Labor Strike in 2015.


I was deeply in debt, and I had to sell my two Cars to survive and also to take care of my family.


I still have a very clear image of how my wife and daughter were crying uncontrollably because of my situation and that shattered my heart into pieces.


And at this point in my life…


I constantly had suicidal thoughts.


One day, while surfing the internet with my small Nokia android phone, in my small room back then,


I got a DM from a Briton requesting to know if I will be interested in CPA OFFERS, that could make me hundreds of dollars daily


And although it sounded quite new and complex to me (which turned out not to be the case),

I was ready to take the challenge.

Like I said, I was ready to do anything legit that could transform my life from that horror state.


But the next thing he said scared me!


He was going to reveal all his secrets and strategies at his forthcoming Introductory class which would cost me £250 to gain access into the Class.


Wow, I was shocked!


That was more than I was worth back then.


In perspective that’s over N175,000 by our current exchange

How would I get such an amount?


I could have easily disregarded him and called him a Scam, but my instincts felt he was legit and I followed my instinct.

I sprung to action!


Started reaching out to my family members,


And in a few days…


I was able to borrow that £250 from my Grandma


(Unfortunately she’s now late)


Then I reached out to him and finally gained access to the introductory class where my eyes opened to the world of CPA Affiliates Programs


And as you’ll see…


After investing the £250,


And several hours of hard work, sleepless nights I eventually cracked the code, and made over $50,000 in 6months.

This was the turning point for me.

And since then, over the years...from 2016 to be specific

I have invested over $10,000 dollars on education, Seminars home and abroad to explore every possible nook and cranny of this highly Profitable Income Opportunity.

And it was worth every penny, you know


Because I’ve made way more than that so far.

Take a look at some of my earnings below.


But before I go any further,


Let me answer the Number 1 Question I know you must have on your mind…


Michael Olatunji,

What is this CPA Dollar Income Model About?



Pay Attention…


The full meaning of CPA is Cost per Action


In this Business, we work with reputable International Companies


To get them suitable prospect who would take certain “actions” that are beneficial to their Business


These actions could be: to register on their Website, to fill a form, to buy something, to register and make a deposit on their site.


And when each of this action are made,


You get paid up to $200 per action

But why do these European companies pay you that much for just 1 action?

Because most of the time, these actions are directly tied to their revenue.


So you help them directly grow their Business when you bring in such clients that takes those actions


And after the first action of these clients, 


these clients stay with them and continue to do Business with them for as long as possible.


At the end of the day, they’ll surely make over $2000 from that client in a space of 1year.


And paying 10% of that is nothing to them


You see how cool that is?


And that’s how I have been able to do over $1MM year in year out

Imagine getting sustainable results like this – every single month…


That’s how rewarding CPA is…


And in a quest to help people tap into this lucrative yet little known income opportunity…


So we can all have a better life together…


… without having to be victims of poor economic decisions made by some old men in power…


Or have to depend on one Uncle somewhere before you could feed…


I started training people on how to leverage this CPA Dollar Income opportunity that changed my life for good.

And Since 2017, By God’s grace, I’ve been able to train over 23,042 students who have also replicated similar success for themselves and counting…


People like…


Tamilore Adewuyi…

A student of the University of Ibadan…

Who, like a lot of people, didn’t come from a rich background

But had a strong desire to change his family story and take good care of his parents who have tried for him…

Learnt about CPA Dollar Model

And according to him… he was skeptical at first…

And in just a few months of starting out and implementing all I showed him ( as I’ll be showing you in just a moment)

Started doing some real figures…


In fact, in the first 7 months of 2021 alone…

He made over 25 million…

But he’s not alone…

There is Rash Baba (as we fondly call him)

A Customer Support Expert at MTN

But began to realize that his salary couldn’t sustain his family any longer as things were getting expensive things day by day

And his income was not increasing

So he started finding extra means to earn more

And heard about CPA for the first time just like you’re hearing today, (although he said he was skeptical at first too because it was too good to be true)

But attended the training

And started it alongside his Day to day work

Now, he does over $2000 per month with CPA alone

 And when you converts that to Naira at our exchange of N580 ( as at the time of this writing)

That’s N1,160,000 in a month

Last time I spoke with him, he said he doesn’t even touch his salary again

Or Praise Akinlami,

A student of the University of Abuja, who like many other people wanted to make some money to sustain himself in school


So he wouldn’t be calling some uncle’s and aunties who try to avoid him and pick his calls…


Attended the same training I’ll give you access to in just a moment


Put in the work…


And with just a few weeks of starting…


He’s done this…

Or should I mention Nneamaka Mbadugha…


Who like many people doesn’t want to rely on one income scream

Just like when Covid 19…


And lots of businesses were closed down…


Attended my CPA TRAINING…


And now does an extra N500,000 every single month…

Or my other students who some said I should please mask their names…


But are doing great figures every single month with CPA

Today, they can now afford their own place,



Make enough money not to worry about money like most people do.


Now, the thing is…



I’ve always charged quite a lot for this training in the past 2 years…



But today, I want to do something that I never thought I would ever do.



Something that may make a bunch of my students angry, if they hear a word of it.



For a limited time and to a limited number of persons,



I will be opening the opportunity to learn this high income skill from me via an online webinar training at a RIDICULOUSLY low rate.

To succeed in this business...You don't need;

All you need is;


But before I show what you’ll be investing in this training…

Here's a tip of what you'll be learning in this Online Webinar with me...

1. The CPA Dollar Model  (Value: N20,000)

This is the step to starting a CPA business…


In this session,


I’ll break down the common terminologies like…


QFTD, FTD, Conversion Rate, SIGNUPS, Deals, Payouts, Player Value…

But that’s not all…

2. How to get FREE CPA Deal that pays $100-$600 per signup (Value: N30,000)

This getting high paying CPA deals is something I’ve mastered since I started in 2015.


Imagine getting paid $600 – $1000 per CPA


While others get paid $20


Take a look at it yourself…

With 10 referrals in a month…(using what I’ll show you in this training

You’d have $6000 sitting in your bank account


That’s 2.5 million per month 


While the other person goes home with just $200 (N100,000)


I’ll show you how to get deals like that –


And get them for FREE.

3. How to Generate Traffic (Value: N25,000)

You see, getting the best CPA deals that pays $600 or more per sign up is useless…


If you don’t know how to drive traffic to it


That’s why I’ll also be teaching you how to generate consistent high quality traffic to your CPA DEALS


Without stepping put of your house


Just using your social media account


This way, you are able to keep getting high quality people for your CPA DEALS


And keep making decent income  for yourself in dollars


Sounds good, right?


There’s more…


I’ll also be showing you

4. The CPA Qualification process and techniques(Value: N10,000)

This contains what you must ensure in order to get your dollars


How your dollars will be paid


I’ll explain everything

5. The CPA Commission payout process (Value: N5,000)

  • The type of banks that you can transfer your dollars to…
  • How to get your dollars in your bank account in less than 1 hours

6. Question and Answers Session (Value: 10,000)

Here, I’ll take my time to answer every question you might have during the live video class.

7. A chance to get my Support Pack at a heavily discounted price

Because you’re among the few that took this webinar, you’ll get a chance to get my Support Pack at an unbelievable discount.


But mind you, all I’ll be teaching you on this webinar is more than enough to get you started (even without getting the Support pack


Just like my past students that attended the webinar


They felt they had cheated me with the kind of value of webinar

+ 20 Books to turn you into an overnight Internet Magician! (Value: 50,000)

Total value: ~N150,000~

And with this just one CPA CLIENT DEAL of $500

That’s over N300,000 when you convert to NAIRA

Something many of my students do triple of that amount in their first month

N100,000 is a good deal and a fair price…

But because I want to make this as easy as possible for anyone to tap into this income opportunity…

I’ve decided to do something different…

And give all these out…

Total value: ~N150,000~

For just N2,000!

Yes, you saw that right N2,000


To access to the same training that changed my life and the life of many others.

In fact, by the time you’re done with this training, (especially if you have a good conscience), you actually feel bad for cheating me because of the amount of value you get,


Especially when you remember that you only paid only N2,000 Naira for this


Like Some of my students who paid N10,000 for this training sometimes back…

But Michael, Don't Bullshit Me,

Why are you doing this?

Why are you giving this valuable information for a piece of cake?

You see,


The truth is that I can choose to do it for Absolutely free.


But you agree with me that people don’t value free stuff.


So I thought of asking for a little commitment from you, because that has also worked for me, for some of my training in the past.

But let me warn you…

CPA is not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme.


Inasmuch as your CPA clients are all online and there’s no physical effort.


You’ll still need at least 1 hour everyday to implement 


And if you’re not ready to put in the work, please this is not for you.


It’s a dollar seed that needs your commitment


It’s the reason many of my students…


Record the figures I showed you earlier every month…


Also, If you think that putting aside N2,000 for this training is still too much of a big deal.


Then, this is not for you either.


In fact, you might as well stop reading right now.


But if you want more from life and would like to learn a skill that could transform your life…


Then I’m glad to welcome you on board…


To quickly book your spot in this training…


Simply click on the button below to secure your seat

Meanwhile, remember the first two pictures you saw at the beginning of this page?…

You may need to save them.


Because a huge number of people who sign up for this training will have successfully converted their N2,000 into thousands of dollars within…

…timeframe that will basically blow their minds.


And if you’d like to be one of them, then you need to have completed your registration here

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Works Anytime, Even At 12 Midnight. 

Secure Order Form – 100% Protected Safe & CBN Approved.

(You can make payment with Bank Transfer, Card or USSD)

You Get Access INSTANTLY. No Waiting Whatsoever!

Upon successful payment, you’ll be redirected to the paid WhatsApp group immediately.

Option 2

Bank Transfer/Deposit

Simply make a payment of N2,000 to:

Acct. No: 20014O7213
Bank Name: Globus Bank
Acct. Name: Olatunji Olaniyi Michael

Then send you proof of payment via WhatsApp using the group link below.

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