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I. Exclusive Affiliate Marketing Training with two 7 Figure Affiliates

This training is hosted by Mr Michael Olatunji and features two of the Top Affiliates in the Country – Chigozie Mmebo & Tamilore Adewuyi

It’s loaded with Tons of Value for New Affiliates & also beneficial to the Old time Affiliates.

II. Lead Generation Training

Here Mr Michael Olatunji shares some Powerful Strategies you can use to attract high quality prospects into your Marketing funnel

So many Amazing Tips here.
You need to watch this.

III. Conversion Accelerator Training

This is a robust training session by Mr Michael Olatunji that breaks down some of the most effective strategies proven to more easily convert interested prospects into hungry buyers.

This training is easily worth thousands of dollars.

IV. How to Promote Affiliate Products On Selar

This training elaborates on some key points to note when trying to promote Affiliate Products on the Selar Platform.

V. High Converting Sales Funnel

This training by Mr Michael Olatunji breaks down the inner workings of a highly converting Sales funnel.

A True Massive Game Changer for any Affiliate

VI. How To Run Facebook Ad Traffic To WhatsApp

This Training breaks down Step-by-Step the Process involved in developing a Facebook Ad Engine that Transports people to your WhatsApp Account.

This training makes it look so easy…and it really is.

VII. Facebook Ad Copies

This is a Google Doc that contains sample Facebook Ad Copies that sells the Dollar ATM Model Course.

Making it easy to recreate yours based on the structure of the Ad & the elements of Persuasion within.

VIII. WhatsApp Training Script

This is a Doc that contains a ROBUST Whatsapp Training script you can use to Train your Prospects / Leads on WhatsApp.

And convert them into desperate buyers.

IX. Email Marketing Swipes

This Doc features 7 Highly Compelling & Persuasive Emails that are also interesting to read.

And you can use to establish a more personal relationship with the leads on your email list.

And easily get them to jump on your offer.

X. The Exclusive Sales Challenge

Details of the SELL MORE WIN BIG Challenge exclusively for Affiliates of Mr Michael Olatunji courses.

And features some of the most mouth watering & eye popping benefits of hitting some Sales Mark.

XI. Testimonials Vault

A collection of Testimonials from our students who have used or courses & gotten Amazing results.

Feel free to use this to Aid your Selling process.

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