Michael Olatunji

A serial entrepreneur and the No. 1 CPA Affiliate in Africa.


My name is Michael Olatunji, the MD CEO MyQuest Finance & Investment Limited.

I am a husband to a beautiful wife & we have three beautiful children.

I have provided strategic leadership to over 10,000 entrepreneurs looking for the right direction in their journeys, and my students have gone ahead to do over $1 Million in profit in the last few years.

So I guess you came to this page to get a little more background on who I am, right?
Here you go,

My Story

I have always exhibited the qualities of an entrepreneur right from my high school days.

My drive for business over the past two decades has seen me start several ventures ranging from; clothe stoning, football viewing centers, catfish supply business, farming, Solid mineral mining, and export, among many others.

But this journey hasn’t been all roses.

You see, just 6 years ago I was at the lowest of lows.

I had just lost an N9million naira in a failed solid mineral consignment due to a Nationwide Labor Strike in 2015.

I was beyond devastated, as this was my life savings and bank loan turned into an investment that had gone down the drain.

I had to face the harsh reality of being indebted and having to watch my wife and daughter go through the un-needed pains of my hardship.

As I was forced out of my rented apartment by my landlord together with my wife and children (on a rainy day).

My Story

But, how did I overcome my frustration and predicament?

My breakthrough came via a Twitter DM I got from a Briton requesting to know if I will be interested in CPA Affiliate Marketing.

I was skeptical at first, but after he had satisfactorily answered my questions, I decided to give it a try.

It would cost me $250 to gain access to his masterclass.

I left no stone unturned & eventually got a £250 loan from my Grandma to foot the bill

That was the change for me as I went on to make over $261,000 in just 6 months from CPA Affiliate Marketing.

I’ve now taught over 6,000 students home and abroad, how to replicate the same strategies I put in place to make this business a success.

But here’s the deal…

I’m Just A Normal Dude.

I really am. I work hard, and I hustle to make my dreams a reality. CPA affiliate marketing has opened so many doors for me that I never thought was possible. And if you’re still here, I guess financial freedom is what you desire.

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